Cloud Features

99.99 Uptime

Quick installation and support is the key of our service, our monitor system alerts us even before the customer realize they have a problem.

Premium Bandwidth

All our virtual machines run with a symmetrical dedicated 100MB minimum bandwidth.

24/7 Support

APTECH customer support team is very effective. Call us in business hours or open a Ticket anytime in our Website, you'll find a personal treat and a quick response to any issue you may have.

Business packages

Any size Business

At APTECH we offer our services to any size business, just give us a call to give you all the info you need to make a cost/benefit analisys to make a decision, save money and get more productivity.

Performance & Affordability

We offer Virtual Servers in several different configurations, memory, storage and other options to fit your needs, just think about it, you don't need to buy hardware, software or maintain your server.


Bring your own server

APTECH provides the availability of 2 Datacenters where you can bring your own server, prices depends on size and bandwidth need it, we are committed to providing highly-competitive pricing.



We provide the server

According with the customer needs we setup a server with the memory, cores and operating system need it for the customer. Customer assumes the administration of the server.



Virtual Servers

Works on a partition of a larger server, could be setup with Linux or Windows Operating Systems, the amount of memory and hard drive, could be used as a server or as a Digital Telephone System.


Web Hosting

Full Service Web Hosting

Full service Web Hosting means that you don't have to deal with the maintenance or web page modification, we do it for you, just run your website without headeches.

Full Service Email Hosting

Full service Web Hosting means that you don't have to deal with the creation or deletion of email accounts, we do it for you, unlimited accounts with unlimited space.

data center


We have the option to colocate in our Datacenter your own servers, prices are based in the space they take, and the bandwidth need it to run those server, in the other hand you can use a Dedicated Server provide by us according with your specs, let us know what you need.

Of course we also have the possibility to give you a virtual machine to run your business from our CLOUD.